Tank Services

Tank Inspection

Implementing a planned programme with scheduled clean-outs, inspections, and strategic preservation activities will help achieve the most cost effective tank life cycle.

  • Eliminate or minimise downtime.
  • Identify and decrease risks.
  • Extend tank life expectancy.
  • Maintain regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs.
  • Optimise inspection budget.

Tank Cleaning

Legislative requirement for the control of legionellosis (legionnaires disease) put’s the responsibility for compliance clearly with the owner/operator of water systems.

Formatank utilise a high quality biodegradable cleaning/disinfecting product that is DWI approved for potable drinking water.

Our tank cleaning product is non-chlorine based and safe to use on any substrate, removing stubborn iron and manganese deposits, killing cryptosporidium and other bacteriological growth.

Tank Asset Management

Formatank has a network of engineers that can call on over 20 years’ experience in dealing with tank asset management, providing our clients with a single source responsibility.

Better risk management, and reducing the risk of costly and potentially disastrous failures occurring, Formatank provides continuous support and emergency repair services for these valuable assets.

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